I believe that there are certain areas of Lubbock that need to have more development. We need to work as a team with other community leaders to work towards the best solutions for each specific area.


We must provide affordable, single-family homes for families and lessen the number of homes turning into rental properties. Home ownership brings more accountability and self-esteem to the owner.

Landlords of low-income housing need to be accountable for keeping up with the properties and making them safe and respectable places to live. I also believe we need more beautification/clean-up projects in Lubbock.

Public Transportation

I think that the bus routes in Lubbock need to be reviewed as far as where they go, and at what times. I believe we have citizens that need public transportation whose needs are not being properly met.


We have to attract businesses that provide livable wages for our citizens so they don’t have to work multiple jobs just to get by. We also need to provide jobs that are attractive and competitive so we can keep our Texas Tech graduates in Lubbock.

We must create jobs that provide for a decent living. If training is required for certain positions, we need to make free or affordable training available to fill these positions with good, qualified candidates.


I believe that Lubbock County needs to promote the issue of recycling more. I do not believe that there are many people that recycle because it is not promoted enough. We have to make it easier to recycle, so we can all do our part to protect the environment.


The ability to vote must be available to as many people as possible, by the least restrictive means possible. Voting rights should automatically be restored to ex-felons that have completed their sentence.



Fighting Poverty

We must provide well-paying jobs to reduce the income gap. The wider the gap is, the greater number of social problems there are overall. If we close this gap it benefits all citizens, not just the poor.


Homelessness is a serious problem in Lubbock County, even though we have made strides in assistance. I would help to provide more affordable permanent housing, as this has proven to be the most effective long-term solution in reducing homelessness.

We should provide incentives to businesses that donate food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, to organizations that help provide food to the homeless and indigent. There is a ridiculous amount of wasted food that is perfectly good for consumption. If we design programs to make the process of donation easier, with less time and cost to the business, we could provide more resources to the indigent and homeless populations.


Drug addiction needs to be treated as a medical problem, not a criminal problem. Locking someone up for a drug related crime is not going to prevent the crime. We have to try and treat the addiction first and foremost.

Lubbock County is greatly affected by the crime that occurs in relation to the drug trade, and those addicted to those drugs. Specific attention must be focused on opioids and methamphetamine. We need to make sure our County and City Law Enforcement have the tools they need to be proactive in this fight.

Health Care

Health care should be a universal right. It is not fair to allow care only for those that can afford it. Just because you don’t make as much money as the next person does not mean that you should be denied similar services.

Medicaid expansion is needed in order to prevent our County hospital (UMC) from having to foot the bill for indigent care all on their own. This would help reduce their burden and keep our local taxes low.

We need to make sure that we can provide an adequate amount of mental health beds for the needs of the community. Community Assisted Treatment also needs to be expanded in order to reduce costs and create better outcomes.



Beyond the obvious topic of racial equality, which we must strive for, there is also a need to work towards economic equality. Income inequality is the root of nearly all social ills that exist.


Racism will not be tolerated. Racism is based off of uneducated beliefs and must be properly dealt with to protect individual’s civil liberties. We must do our best to come together in unity as one.


I am an LGBTQIA community ally and supportive of their rights to equal opportunity in all areas of society. We cannot allow them to be marginalized, nor be or feel unsafe. ALL MEANS Y’ALL!


Diversity is a key to growth. If we are denying service or opportunities to people that are “different” than us, we will be losing business. We must increase diversity in our hiring practices.



Criminal Justice Reform

An important focus in criminal justice reform is rehabilitation and preventative measures that focus on the root causes of crime, rather than only the criminal action. This will also help reduce recidivism because the underlying reasons for criminal activity are being targeted, rather than the individual.


We need to be smart on crime. Evidence-based practices should be used to guide the actions of law enforcement agencies. We have research that provides us guidance on what works and what doesn’t, so we need to utilize that and adjust policies and procedures accordingly.

Community Policing

Community policing, if done right, can be a very effective crime prevention strategy. Getting down to the community level increases communication and trust between law enforcement and the community.

Public Safety

Public safety must be increased, as I believe the fear of crime has increased over the last few years. We must be proactive, and the citizens of Lubbock County can help by working with law enforcement.

Justice Education

The biggest educational issue that I believe needs to happen related to crime is helping citizens understand policies and procedures and the law. Many misperceptions happen simply due to lack of knowledge.

Body Cameras

Body cameras are essential tools for law enforcement and for the community. It holds both sides accountable and gives additional information to help in any investigation that may need more substance.

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